Shroom is now Niftyx — The global layer for NFTs exchange

3 min readMar 31, 2021


When we started Shroom during the past DeFi Summer, our goal was clear: bootstrapping via fair launch a community of vested users who share our vision of a global, open and neutral layer for NFT in-game assets trading.

During the months that we have been building, we have grown more and more convinced that the infrastructure that we are building for P2P in-game assets trading could be beneficial for many industries beyond gaming, and that open sourcing our work could catalyse global NFT and crypto adoption, sparking a new era on how NFTs are minted and exchanged globally.

We believe that NFTs only make sense when they are part of a global open ecosystem and standard. It’s clear that an open, neutral and inclusive player will prevail in the long run, and from today we will move in this direction even more aggressively with the mission of promoting and enabling standardised NFT trading protocols for several industries beyond gaming.

New brand for an expanded scope.

For some time we have been receiving requests from the community asking for a potential rebrand, a small design revamp for a more professional look. This new brand will be very positive in the weeks and months ahead, and will be helpful to maximise the impact of our work as we introduce products under a solid brand.

Our new website on

Niftyx’s mission will be to build and promote open platforms for minting and exchanging NFTs, tackling some of the issues preventing mainstream adoption of NFTs.

Our work will be mainly performed on the application layer, without trying to reinvent the wheel, and using existing L1 infrastructure and middleware already in place.

Gaming (GameSwap) will be the start, but we expect to finish the year with at least 3 or 4 NFT niche markets sharing liquidity via global P2P mesh.

Role of SHROOM in the expanded ecosystem.

This expansion in scope will cement SHROOM’s position as the ecosystem governance meta-token, aligning incentives, unlocking new use cases, and providing additional streams of value accrued from several sub-products.

Updated protocol diagram

SHROOM will still be our ticker symbol (for now), but a migration to NIFTYX akin to LEND → AAVE will be proposed in the coming months seeking community approval.

Coming Next

During the coming days we will start to add sections to our new website as we proceed to unveil the products we have been working on. In our next update we will introduce our expanded launchpad which will be the first IDO launchpad running on Avalanche, and will benefit enormously our token holders. Then we will be moving into the Gameswap launch stage with also some surprises on that front.

PS: We will always keep Shroomie as our beloved mascot. But today, we need to do the first step to take our ecosystem to the next stage and level up our game.

Until next time shroomies!
Niftyx Comms Team