Platform Development update


  • Launching on Avalanche
  • Feature development status
  • Gaming partnerships
  • 2021 Updated Roadmap

Launch on Avalanche Confirmed

Feature development status

A couple of weeks ago a video leak surfaced showcasing one of our testing domains. This was an early working prototype but much more has been developed and it’s ready for beta launch. This is a list of implemented features currently working:

  • Trading (ERC20 to ERC721, and ERC20 to ERC20)
  • Transaction History via the Graph (this will need to be reworked for Avalanche)
  • Trading fees distribution to SHROOM/GSWAP holders
  • Mint ERC721 and ERC20
  • NFT file types: Image, Video, Audio, Zip/Rar, Text (for subscriptions, licenses etc)
  • IPFS storage of images, items, files and metadata
  • Adding New Games and token Collections: just like Uniswap anyone can create a game or collections
  • NFT Royalties: creators will be able to get a custom % on each item sale

Game Integrations and Partnerships

We are excited with the advances in some partnerships which will enable us to tap into thousands of games. We expect to formally announce the first collabs in the coming weeks once we start nailing down agreement details.

Game engines integration

Updated Roadmap

This is how our updated roadmap looks like for 2021.

Next Steps

  • The community has started to work on a much needed revamp of our landing site and we should have it ready on time before DEX launch. Communicating properly our value proposition will be critical in the months ahead.
  • The transition to Avalanche is underway and we will require some days for testing and adapting some DEX components like a substitute for our subgraph which was working for Ethereum but it’s not available for Avalanche.
  • In the coming days we will also start to reach out to some market making partners in our network and begin talks to potentially get listed on some CEXes.

and some closing thoughts…

We are on the verge of the great NFT cambrian explosion. NFTs are permeating the mainstream and our vision for a global, community-driven, neutral and truly distributed protocol for gaming assets is being validated by industry pioneers and thought leaders who are starting to reach consensus that an open Metaverse like the one Shroom Protocol proposes is quite likely.

Join us!

Are you game?

  • Game Devs: We will help you promote your game, bootstrap your assets, and link them to the crypto world and its vast liquidity.
  • Yield Farmers: Participate in our upcoming LP program(s), helping bootstrap cool games where you will be driving governance and getting interesting token rewards.
  • Developers: If you would like to work at the intersection of gaming and DeFi, come and help us build the future, we have several grants and funds lined up.
  • Designers: Bring your artistic input! There is a separate token fund for design tasks. We are starting from a blank canvas without creative limits.
  • Marketers & Influencers: Use your skills and influence for creating real tangible value in a battle-tested industry. Become an ambassador; share our success.

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DeFi protocol for NFT assets trading & minting.