Niftyx Protocol: product pipeline and rollout strategy

5 min readDec 31, 2021


UPDATE NOTICE: This post is being updated to reflect roadmap changes and current active work streams. All ETAs have been removed to avoid confusion and for everyone’s sanity. We keep building diligently and things will be ready when they are ready. Last update: July’22.

Hi Shroomies! As we wrap up this year we’d like to shed some light on what’s coming with our rollout plan, and also show additional sneak peeks of work we’ve done internally.

This past year has been one of transitions, introspection, waiting, planning, and finally all pieces are falling into place. We’ve gone from targeting indie games to doubling-down on AAA-quality titles. From being a pixelated meme to adopting a better brand ready for the mainstream. We have learned that quality takes time, and accepted trade-offs that allow us to not compromise or give up our vision of an open, neutral and community-driven Metaverse.

Just some growing pains! And we did everything to ensure that we end up with a future-proof project. So, here’s what to expect as we enter the new year and in what order…

What to expect — Timeline of Events

Each of the timeline items will come with a dedicated post. There are more items but the general action plan could be summarised in 3 stages.

Liquidity Improvements → Subnet setup → DEX and Game launch

This doesn’t mean that advances for each of these work streams won’t happen in parallel. We have a lot of stuff being cooked in the kitchen at the same time!

Gaming Subnet setup

Avalanche Subnets should be feature-complete during Q1, and as you know this is a moment that we’ve been waiting for over a year. Cross-subnet transfer will be the final critical feature that will allow teams to build with confidence without fears of their ecosystems being isolated.

During the Gameswap subnet bootstrapping the new GSWAP token will be issued with renewed tokenomics that we will explain in an upcoming update. The main change will be the introduction of a small inflationary process. Of course the community will need to approve any tokenomic changes.

Gameswap DEX release

Following the Subnet launch focus will switch to the Gameswap DEX release, first for beta testers and then for the general public. NFT trading and protocol rewards via staking will be available from the get go.

New staking section

We have been adding additional views such as integrated bridge in the UI, Staking/Farming views, and many more that will be functional on launch day.

A superior bridging experience will help Gameswap attract liquidity to/from other chains

AAA Game

A lot has been talked about “the game”, and it almost seems like it’s the only topic, but we can’t stress how important it will be for the ecosystem so obviously we should all be very excited.

Not only will it be setting the bar for the quality of the assets that we expect to host on Gameswap, it will also introduce the NFT technology standards that future games will need to adopt there.

The game world is primarily set in an ‘Accretion Class’ asteroid, at geosynchronous orbit in 2126

Gameswap will be betting on new technology and it will be a requirement for listed games to integrate using it. The goal is to progressively build a AAA Metaverse, where true migration of assets from game to game is achieved flawlessly via standard primitives for trading, VFX and SFX.

The development for this game system is designed to be available as a basis for this Metaverse building process, a building block that can help the community build an open system moving forward.

Early Artwork (Q2'2021) of in-game AI (albeit a hacked AI from the Exomarts)

Weapons and characters in the game are expanded by an AI system which adds an extra dimension to the NFT collections, this is along with a number of other features that add a variety of new gameplay experiences are being kept mostly under wraps for now but will be revealed along with the game itself. Achieving composable NFTs across games will unlock new gaming experiences, this is part of a larger system that is built on a standard designed to be beneficial to both players and developers.

There are more than 30 types of weapons and other equipment being built with unparalleled details and most are ready now

The emphasis in this game world is about creating engaging stories with great characters and new, interesting gameplay.. Real quality of immersion is key, blurring the line between the real world and the game world is where the most fun lies.

We have been low-key leaking some details about what’s being built, and who is building it… so there are many reasons to be excited about the upcoming trailers and game reveal. And obviously for the playable alpha launch with priority access for the Niftyx community and token holders! 🎉

Next steps

In upcoming updates we will be announcing the migration plan and the new incentives to attract liquidity as well as honouring the pending rewards as soon as the new GSWAP token is issued in our gaming subnet.

We don’t want to steal more time from your NYE celebrations. So with this update we want to say thank you for being there supporting us all these past months and we want to give you reasons to believe that 2022 will be a great year for our ecosystem!

Happy Pew Year!!!

Niftyx Team