Introducing the Niftyx Communications Team

You (the community!) spoke, and we listened. We are excited to announce the official formation of the Niftyx ecosystem Communications Team. We look forward to growing, interacting, and informing the community in a timely and comprehensive manner. This means we will begin to take the lead to inform the community in the areas of: current development updates, future announcements, as well as positioning ourselves as a leader in the ever expanding NFT landscape.

Background: the Comms Team is a small but talented group of community members who come from diverse business and technical backgrounds. Some of whom have contributed previously as developers, social media experts, or operate their own brand related to Niftyx’s goals. Most importantly, everyone believes in the project and are excited to be a part of this collective effort moving forward.

What are our goals?

  • To allow the dev team to focus on their main objective — developing and implementing a group of very solid products
  • To establish a protocol for disseminating information and progress reports to the community in a consistent and timely manner
  • To create efficient means of 2-way communication between the internal teams and the community
  • To effectively promote the Niftyx ecosystem and its products to the broader social media and crypto communities
  • To foster an interactive community through social and communication channels, promotions, and outreach
  • To further develop methods of earning loyalty by rewarding our holders and those who remain active in the community

What is NOT included within the primary goals of the Comms Team?

  • Managing all overarching marketing activities
  • Pumping the coin’s price

Soon we will be announcing further developments in the Dev Team’s efforts, a progress video of the GameSwap Dex, a community engagement/loyalty program, and continue to post regularly as new information becomes available.

We’re excited about what’s to come and look forward to continuing to grow together!

-Comms Team

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