GameSwap GSWAP Token Distribution Details (Updated)

Token Details


  • Max Supply: 20,000,000
  • Symbol: GSWAP
  • Token Type: dApp Governance token


  • 30% 1st Farming round (more rounds to come!)
  • 12.5% Retroactive LP rewards
  • 5% SHROOM token holders grant
  • 22.5% Community Treasury: future farms, bounties and initiatives
  • 20% Foundation Reserve (partnerships, legal, marketing, etc)
  • 10% Development Fund

Farming Details 👨‍🌾 🎮


  • 4,200,000 for Farming Pools
  • 1,200,000 Bootstrapping Pool ( Auction)
  • 300,000 ETH-GSWAP Uniswap Pool
  • 300,000 GSWAP-SHROOM Balancer Pool
  • Rate: 30 tokens per block
  • Estimated duration: 4,200,000/(6,500*25) = ~25.84 days of farming
  • LP soft-lock: Liquidity will be locked until farming ends, and once LPs unstake the LP token will be returned linearly per block over 3 months period (this is around 1% per day). Via
  • Rewards vesting: Rewards will be claimable only when farming ends. These will also be vested linearly (per block) during 3 months, via Sablier too, another 1% day.

Farming Pools 🍄

GSWAP 🎮 Bootstrapping Pool (Auction)

  1. The GSWAP tokens will be provided in a sealed-bid auction via
  2. Pooled funds will be recirculated into the ecosystem.
SHROOM hodler in action waiting for air(drop) support

SHROOM Token Holders Grant

LP Retroactive Rewards

Further Reading

Join us!

  • Game Devs: We will help you promote your game, bootstrap your assets, and link them to the crypto world and its vast liquidity.
  • Yield Farmers: Participate in our upcoming LP program(s), helping bootstrap cool games where you will be driving governance and getting interesting token rewards.
  • Developers: If you would like to work at the intersection of gaming and DeFi, come and help us build the future, we have several grants and funds lined up.
  • Designers: Bring your artistic input! There will be a separate token fund for design tasks. We are starting from a blank canvas without creative limits.
  • Marketers & Influencers: Use your skills and influence for creating real tangible value in a battle-tested industry. Become an ambassador; share our success.

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DeFi protocol for NFT assets trading & minting.

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DeFi protocol for NFT assets trading & minting.

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